The Center School is a loving community that celebrates each child’s unique personality, intelligence, and passion.  Our school is a responsive learning environment, offering rigor and play in balanced abundance.  Students emerge from our program with the skills and self-possession to be reflective, empathetic, and engaged citizens of our world.

The Essentials

The Center School:

  • Embraces the natural diversity of learning styles and integrates academic, social, emotional, physical, and artistic learning.
  • Collaborates with students to co-construct knowledge through exciting and open-ended processes.
  • Encourages children and adults to form a vision of social justice – of equitable, compassionate communities – through active participation in their classroom, their school, and beyond.
  • Invites students to approach every project and subject area with curiosity, critical thinking and a spirit of inquiry.
  • Fosters a culture of connection and collaboration in which children feel truly known, valued, and motivated to learn and grow.
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