Uppers Course Description

Much of this course is devoted to helping students explore these two questions:12-Uppers-Projects

  • How can I get good ideas?
  • How do I make those ideas happen?

Students are given open ended problems and are helped to develop passion, ambition, initiative, and perseverance in order to create their solutions. Projects are done solo, in pairs, and in groups; some last only a couple of days, others for weeks. The first third of the class is devoted exclusively to this type of work and ends with a Project Fair.

8th graders undertake a six week-long solo Ambitious Project, which is critiqued at its conclusion by a community panel. They also write, cast, direct, and perform their one act plays as part of this course. In the spring they present a summary of the understandings they have come to about the BIG QUESTIONS they have been asked to explore during the year in social studies, projects, the self and other sections of literature, and the social curriculum.

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