Uppers Course Description

In the first half of the year Uppers explore the basic elements and principles of drawing, learning about skills and techniques with various materials and methods using black, white, and grey: pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, black ink and paint, and simple printmaking techniques such as linoleum block prints and monotype prints.

Assignments will cover the elements of visual art: line, shape and form, texture, space, and value.  Art assignments include contour drawing, tonal drawing, negative shapes, perspective, highlights and shadows, portraits, self-portraits, still life and landscapes, from life and from imagination.

In the second half of the year students explore drawing and painting with color.  Various color drawing and painting techniques are learned, and we introduce color theory.

Assignments will cover the principles of color mixing, color progression and color qualities such as hue, intensity, and value.  Beginning with making color charts and wheels, and then create paintings using one color, two colors, and three colors, the work culminates in creating full color paintings.

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