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Learn about the Center School’s approach to teaching

‍Come to Us:

The Center School serves as a workshop site for educators and other professionals who are interested in viewing our teaching approach at work. Visits typically include classroom observations, conversations with the head of school and other staff, and a delicious lunch. For these on site observation/workshop days there is a fee of $100 per person.

Please contact our Head of School, Charlie Spencer, for more information or to arrange a visit.

Tel: 413-773-1700


We also provide workshops at your school or organization:

Pedagogical exploration and support from The Center School

Our workshops and consultants help your school examine its goals through the lens of Coalition of Essential Schools principles and the New England Coalition of Progressive Educators values.  The Center School inspires teachers and administrators to put these principles into practice:

Habits of mind and heart…Assessment using multiple formats…Depth over coverage…Tone of decency and trust…Knowing children well…Generalists committed to the community…Keeping decisions local….Resources dedicated to teaching and learning…Active engagement…Democracy and equity.

Sample workshop topics and areas for exploration:

  • School mission and vision
  • Community building
  • Integration of academic and social learning (focus on literacy and theme/social studies)
  • Social/emotional learning and classroom management: devising rules that stick and logical consequences to support them
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Integrating art, music, and movement across the curriculum
  • Representing student work, assessing student work
  • Learning through service

Design a workshop with our Center School consultant, Beth Gildin-Watrous.
For more information.  Tel: 413 773 1700

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