Platform Back Atop Sachem’s Head


Published: August 10, 2009

GREENFIELD — Grunting and scurrying up a 45-degree cliff face, a group of eight men heaved and pushed a wooden platform back up on top of Sachem’s Head on Sunday.

‘OK. One, two, three — lift!’ said Will Savitri as he maneuvered a come-along, which helped winch the platform up the slope and kept it from slipping back onto the crew below. ‘One more time! One, two, three — lift! We’re close. We’re close to where we want to be.’

Once the platform got on the top of the cliff, it needed to be rotated about 90 degrees to fit on the footings.


Volunteers struggle to bring the platform back into position after it was found off its foundation stones at Sachem’s Head in Greenfield on Sunday. Photo: Recorder/Peter MacDonald

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