Justice, Equity, and Diversity

In 2016 several staff members and parents came together to find a way to work towards greater justice, equity, and diversity in our school community and beyond.  JED has addressed many things in the school, and has much, much more work ahead. In a time of deep and entrenched racism and classism, rising nationalism and fear, the Justice, Equity, and Diversity committee stands together, to bring forth radical, lasting change. Since its inception, JED has grown and matured into three separate and vital branches, one focused on curriculum, one focused on outreach and one focused on internal infrastructure.

JED Infrastructure Committee (commonly known as JEDI Council)

The JEDI Committee looks at Center School's systems, traditions, policies, and cultural norms through a social justice lens and makes recommendations for increasing justice and equity.

• Comprised of: PARENTS and STAFF

• Meets: Weekly

JED Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee spends meeting times looking at current and prospective curriculum through a rigorous social justice framework. It is a resource for teachers and makes recommendations about curriculum.

• Comprised of: STAFF

• Meets: Monthly and over the summer

JED Outreach Committee (the JEDO committee)

The Outreach branch plans events for the community--Center School and beyond-- such as book clubs, discussion groups, author events, fundraisers, to promote social justice.

• Comprised of: PARENTS and STAFF

• Meets: As needed

The JEDO committee has organized the following events and actions:

Fall of 2019

JEDO will facilitate adult book club of The Fire This Time, an anthology of essays and poems by contemporary Black activists and writers.


JEDO facilitated and hosted a discussion group, in Montague, centered around several articles about the challenges facing Black and brown kids in predominantly white schools.

JEDO promoted a school-wide call to stand with others at the Greenfield Black Lives Matter rally in response to unsettling acts of vandalism on campus.


JEDO organized an adult community reading of She’s Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan, about a transgender women’s experience. JED hosted a discussion group about the book and issues transgender folks face, in Northampton.

A “Staff Stunts” fundraiser to stand with the tiny island nation of Dominica after being ravaged by Hurricane Maria, raising over $10,000.

JEDO created and populated a Social Justice Library for the school.


JEDO organized an adult community reading of Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coats, a memoir illuminating the institutionalized disadvantages facing Black people. JED hosted three discussions about the book, one in Florence, one in Greenfield and one in Montague

JEDO organized and facilitated a BINGO fundraiser to assist immigrant families in need of legal aid, raising over $1000.

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