The Center School 2018-20 Capital Initiative

Loving School, Lasting Change

Today's enrollment exceeds current capacity in both the brick and Finer buildings. Creative, intrepid Center School teachers use every available nook and cranny of the campus. Dedication and ingenuity make this system work, but soon the numbers will leave even the most creative thinkers stumped as to where to schedule small groups, tutoring, and classes. Now is the time to invest in a campus that can house our community adequately.

In our world’s current climate, the Center School’s mission is not just innovative, or relevant, or cutting edge, it is absolutely CRITICAL. Producing Center School graduates means there will be adults emerging with the skills to make change, with the confidence to take risks, and with wills to go against the grain, face what’s hard, and fight for their beliefs. In order to provide our students with the ideal space to realize their hopes and dreams, to make mistakes, to collaborate, to learn about justice, ethics, beauty, and passion, we invite you to join us in this vital Capital Initiative.

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To receive a printed copy of the case statement, or to discuss making a gift, getting involved, or learning more, please contact:

Brooke Bull, Co-Chair and Current Parent

Perry Cohen, Co-Chair & Board Member

Charlie Spencer, Head of School

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