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April 23, 2018

Dear Friends,

"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you." ~Langston Hughes

Right before break, we had Bad Joke All School and we did a lot of laughing. The MDA showed us several of their brilliant "missing captions" from the New Yorker weekly contest. And that was followed by an onslaught of jokes that were simply terrible, and exquisite in their terribleness. "How much does it cost for a Pirate to get their ears pieced? A buccaneer." Personally, I love jokes that make the teller laugh hysterically before they get to the punchline... and there were a few of those gems.

Recently, I was asked what makes the Center School the Center School. Now, there are a lot of good and right answers to this question. But truly, I have to be honest, one of the most defining and unique qualities is our sense of humor. We love to laugh. We have Bad Joke All School and Staff Comedy Night. We believe that laughing is essential to learning.

The most recent cause of hilarity? Today (wait for it...) a chicken ran through Kim's Lit Group! A GIANT chicken (or one might be a downer and say it was a teacher in a Chicken suit) burst in and startled the class who were just in the middle of informing me, in a matter of fact and relaxed manner, that their teacher Kim had left them a note saying she'd be right back, not to worry, but that she had something "BIG" to do. As they were explaining this to me, this enormous, fluffy yellow chicken positively streaked through the room. It was HILARIOUS! We all laughed, and when Kim came in (very out of breath, I might add) a few minutes later we were all just beginning to recover. Kim lovingly but commandingly brought order back to the group and deftly introduced them to their new lit book: The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater. Ahhhh, the lengths we will go to for a good and proper laugh (and a good Lit class).

Working with kids should, if we are open to it and noticing, bring ample opportunities for a good giggle. I mean, honestly.... if we didn't laugh we might cry. Because... KIDS.

In closing, I will offer you a few of my most cherished go-to's aside from your kids and their teachers, for humor: The movie Bringing Up Baby, the comedy team Nichols and May, and cartoonist/memoirist Roz Chast.

Telephone skit by Nichols and May


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