What a school!

May 19, 2014

I took a wander around school today.  Everyone was on fire with their learning.  Primes Blue were writing stories and illustrating them beautifully.  Everyone was so happy and totally engrossed.  Middles were blissfully reading the last chapter of their lit book.  The room was dead silence and the expressions on all faces, including the teachers, was that of people getting to the climax of a great story– a mixture of intensity and wonder. Downstairs, and just as intently, Primes Green were reading too!  Kathryn’s group was reading as a group from a story called Ben and the Dragon.  Kathryn was beaming at her charges with pride.  Oliver, AKA Dr Space Kitty, was giving the MUPS a lesson on red blood cells and how they travel single file through a capillary.   The students were gripped, needless to say.  Some Uppers were with Chris giving each other feedback on their flags, which they have painstakingly painted onto the All School room’s ceiling tiles.  Each student got a turn giving and getting really astute and caring comments.  Another room of Uppers were listening to Morgan give a presentation on the major causes of the Civil War.  They were so attentive to him and supportive as he taught.

Whew!  What a school.

Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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