Visiting an AISNE member school

March 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

Next Monday-Wednesday I will be away visiting an AISNE member school as the chair of their reaccreditation committee.  The School is Cambridge Friends, which is a a little bigger than we are, but same grade span.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to see their school in action.  As a Quaker School their mission includes social justice and the celebration of each child, which is similar to ours.  In reading their Self Study document I was particularly moved by the way that their spiritual practice makes its way into their pedagogy. According to Quaker beliefs, there is an inner light that resides in each of us and that represents truth, God, love, goodness.  Cambridge Friends speaks of ‘holding its students and community members in the light’ which I interpret as steadfast belief in children and families.  When we ‘hold children in the light’ we are seeing them through good times and bad, challenges and strengths, we are there for them when they are easy and when they are hard to manage.  We never stop seeing their intrinsic worth and beauty; even when it’s really, really hard.


While I am away, Amanda, Jane, Mike, Sarah N-D, Veronica, and the rest of the staff will lovingly hold the fort.  What a team we have!  I feel so lucky.

Have a great week.


Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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