The Parent-Child Discussion That So Many Dread: Donald Trump

March 15, 2016

Dear Friends,

In all areas of the Center School at all times we actively, directly, powerfully live in opposition to Donald Trump’s hateful transgressions.  Our school is designed to give hope and agency to children who in turn will go out and make the world better.  From celebrating International Women’s Day, to Body Ed, to learning about immigration, and algebra, to singing songs and making art, we are giving our kids tools to navigate the wild world, including how to overcome hate with love, how to build robust communities, how to be resilient and brave.

The Parent-Child Discussion That So Many Dread: Donald Trump

Above, is an article that helped me.  I hope it helps you.  Essentially the message is– so many of us are trying to figure out what to say to our kids about Trump. What we DO and how we behave ourselves is what will create lasting change.  It’s called taking the high ground.  When we do that our kids feel powerful and safe, they see that we are managing, and we are NOT GIVING UP.

In solidarity,


Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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