The List from a COVID-19 day

April 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

When will I be in the headspace to write even slightly eloquently, joyfully, expansively?  When will my sense of humor come back? My brain can only think in lists today.  Do you find yourself writing a lot more lists lately? My kids run a mile when they see me writing one, that’s for sure.  I hope you won’t, because I’m writing one for you.

Today’s list is comprised of things our teachers have said or written this week, to their students, colleagues, parents, to me.  Pretend it is on a page of my favorite, stolen hotel notepad:  

I put on real pants for our meeting!  

Sorry, my kids just came back from a walk and now they are raiding the kitchen.  Can’t you hear that?  

How do I get all my kids to come to Lit?

I took a tour of my student’s new word wall today.  It’s on the wall of the stairwell in his house! He walked me through it.

My colleague’s a G.

Go out into the sunshine today.  

I’ll be done in a minute, sweetie.  Ask your brother for help.

If you draw a tentacle arm on your cartoon person, like I have in this math video, I will know you watched it!  

You are doing an awesome job!  

Chris has his hand up!  Call on Chris!

I was just waving.  

Is that your cat?  It sounds like a baby!

I’m getting the hang of this.

This whole thing has brought us closer:  as a family, as a work team, as a couple.  It has made me learn how to be a better parent.

I can’t read any more news.  

While my kids are captive I am going to read to them from the Boys and Sex book.  

Did you read the piece in the Times about….

How will we help our community grieve as more folks we know begin dying of Covid-19?  

I miss you.

Love you guys.

Amen, amen, amen,

Charlie Spencer

Head of School

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