Parent Appreciation Week

Parent Appreciation Week

March 4, 2019

Dear Friends,

It's Parent Appreciation Week at the Center School!  

Each day we're thanking Center School parents and caregivers for all they do to get their kids here each and every day.  Packing lunches, driving carpools, helping with projects, supporting the Parent Union and Annual Fund, our parents deserve a treat!  We're handing out fresh flowers, fair trade chocolate, hot Dean's Beans coffee to go... We are also drawing parent names each day for local business gift cards:  Magpie, Shelburne Coffee Roasters, Greenfield's Market, Wagon Wheel, and World Eye Books.   Thank you Center School parents!

Mother Talks Back to the Monster

By Carrie Shipers

Tonight, I dressed my son in astronaut pajamas,

kissed his forehead and tucked him in.

I turned on his night-light and looked for you

in the closet and under the bed. I told him

you were nowhere to be found, but I could smell

your breath, your musty fur. I remember

all your tricks: the jagged shadows on the wall,

click of your claws, the hand that hovered

just above my ankles if I left them exposed.

Since I became a parent I see danger everywhere—

unleashed dogs, sudden fevers, cereal

two days out of date. And even worse

than feeling so much fear is keeping it inside,

trying not to let my love become so tangled

with anxiety my son thinks they're the same.

When he says he's seen your tail or heard

your heavy step, I insist that you aren't real.

Soon he'll feel too old to tell me his bad dreams.

If you get lonely after he's asleep, you can

always come downstairs. I'll be sitting

at the kitchen table with the dishes

I should wash, crumbs I should wipe up.

We can drink hot tea and talk about

the future, how hard it is to be outgrown.

Your admirer,

Charlie Spencer

Head of School

Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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