Keep the Faith

October 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

After watching the testimony of Dr. Blasey Ford on Friday, I spent the weekend in a kind of stupor. The kind that cannot last because it won't get you anywhere. So instead of wallowing in my fear that the world is turning into a nightmare fraternity of creepy dudes, I decided to take some comfort in the fact that our work at the Center School will make a difference because we will send humans out into the world as whole people who will not sexually assault women at parties, who will stand up for people who are being harmed or manipulated or lied about, who will stand up to bad dudes. We will send humans into the world who will help change the narrative from cheap innuendo and destructive misogyny to nuanced and collaborative conversation. These humans will move into cities and towns, into colleges, jobs and communities, and they will have a loving and lasting impact. I have to believe that. I do believe that.

Keep the faith,


Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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