Hang onto Your Hats

May 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

Let's remember to breathe and to listen carefully to our kids as we transition to summer. Children (and adults!) can have big feelings and unexpected anxiety or stress when schedules change, friends leave, teachers change, and all the other things that naturally occur as part of this end of year process. If you notice your child seeming anxious or emotional, make sure to take some time to help them unpack and strategize good self-care. Making cards for friends and teachers, having playdates, early bedtimes, getting plenty of exercise, and making a visual schedule for the summer that they can look forward to, are all options for how to address what comes up for them (and you).

8th Grade plays, Friday Frolics, woods visits, 7th Grade movie-making, The Uppers Cape Trip... so many amazing things are happening here at the Center School! We hope you make the most of this special time. If you have questions or feedback as we go through these last couple of weeks, please let your child's teachers (or PU Rep, or the office) know and we will do our best to help.

Hang onto your hats!



Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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