Final Week of School

June 4, 2018

Dear Friends,

The Building Committee and the Capital Campaign Committee have been hard at work. We have been looking at property, interviewing architects, connecting with donors, and planning events. No property has been found yet, however, we continue to look for the perfect spot for our campus. We have established contact with some local land trusts so that we can make sure we are following our mission carefully in terms of respectful and environmentally conscious land acquisition. In the fall, we will have lots more news to report. We will hold a Gala for the community and generally celebrate our progress with the Loving School, Lasting Change capital initiative we began last winter.

The committees and I want to emphasize that our main focus is expanding and improving the school in a manner that truly prioritizes its students' learning, and supports our families, and our teachers. Based on your feedback, we understand that the campus should not be more than 30 minutes from Greenfield, it should have good access to nature, it should provide a safe, clean, and inspiring learning environment.

Over the course of the year, I have had some incredible conversations with folks about what the Center School's future holds and I'm inspired by the fact that we all want the school's commitment to financial aid, staff salaries, and scholarships to remain high priorities. So, alongside the fundraising for the current capital initiative, we are raising and committing funds for our scholarships, continuing to give financial aid at a higher percentage than any other independent school in this area, paying teachers according to our new and improved salary scale, and investing in a more robust professional development budget for their continued growth as leading educators.

In wrapping up, let me just say, I LOVE my job. I get to visit classrooms where kids are laughing and growing, talk to kids who are SO impossibly smart and creative, parents who are impossibly wonderful and supportive, and teachers who make magic happen daily. I get to dream about our future and make it real. I work on curriculum, plan events, write publications, and do strategic thinking so that we can be the best Center School ever.

It has been an honor to be part of the Center School's important work these 9 years since I started as head. In fact, I cannot get my head around how year 10 will be even better... but based on how things have gone thus far, I am betting on it. And with all of you beside me that's a very strong wager.

Thank you. Have a wonderful final week of school and ridiculously gorgeous summer. Keep in touch!


Charlie Spencer

Head of School

Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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