Center School Museum

Center School Museum

April 30, 2019

A Message from Charlie

Dear Friends,

This Thursday you are in for a treat. Our wonderful teachers lovingly install a huge museum display, which includes work from each of our students from ages 2-15 years old. The students and teachers select pieces that represent effort, skill, passion. The work includes the children’s own reflections.

Memories of an 'aha moment,' or a hard slog through a new skill that paid off, or the pleasure of working on a piece that just clicked for a student are all represented here. There is no one reason a piece might have been chosen. Each tells its own story.

Many classes have included a class-wide project in the Museum as well as separate, individual student pieces that span the year. So, in some cases there will be two items by one student on display.

The Center School Museum of Student work is a decades old tradition, a celebration of learning and of learning styles, and it is also a wonderful collaborative process for teachers and kids. At the Center School, process is the focus, but from time to time we pause to polish up the evidence of our learning so others can share in our journey.

Please do come visit this Thursday. Plan to stay a while. There are 133 students represented!


Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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