Brimming with passion

September 27, 2016

Dear Friends,

The school is brimming with passion and fervor about the election!  But not the Trump and Clinton one… they’re jazzed about the Shellizabeth Warren and Jill Swine one!  Each week their platforms get more and more detailed and complex.  The most compelling issue so far seems to be sharing.  Swine says you shouldn’t have to share if you don’t want to (if something is special to you or breakable for instance) and Warren is saying everyone should have to share always, it’s what we do.

What has been great is to watch this all school project unfold.  Teachers have set it up so that each classroom has a role.  Teachers help flesh out the issues each week at staff meeting.

Then at All School on Fridays the candidates (a turtle and a pig puppet operated and voiced by 8th graders), and the newscasters (Mups) and data analysts (Middles), let the students know the latest developments in the campaigns.  Children get to ask the candidates questions.

Now posters and flyers made by kids during their free moments are cropping up everywhere around campus.  I went to turn the light off on the attic stairs and there was a tiny photo/sticker of Jill Swine on the light switch.  Are our students beginning to discover/develop the concept of subliminal marketing?  Is that a good or a bad thing?

I have to say, that with the real election looming large in my life, this is a great antidote.  I am learning so much from our students of every age, and I know they are feeling powerful and engaged in the political process right here in their very own school. This is hands-on critical thinking at it’s best!



Charlie Spencer, Head of School
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