The Application Process

Step One: Contact

Prospective parent/guardian emails or calls The Center School Director of Admissions and Outreach, Lauren ObregĂłn, to schedule a visit.

Lauren ObregĂłn

413-773-1700 ext 2

Step Two: Parent/Caregiver Tour

Parent/guardian visits school (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday). This visit includes a time to hear about the school’s approach and philosophy, tour the buildings, and enjoy some short classroom observations. Parent/Caregiver tours take approximately an hour and typically take place in the morning.

Step Three: Forms

1.    Parent/guardian fills out the Student Information Form and returns it with application fee, to admissions office.

2.    Parent/guardian submits the Teacher Recommendation Form, along with a stamped envelope, addressed to Admissions Office, to student’s current teacher.

3.   Parent/guardian signs the Request for Copy of Records Form and hands it directly to the student’s current school office staff.

Step Four: Student Shadow Visit (for older applicants)

When all the forms have been received, the Admissions Office will contact parent/caregiver to see if older applicants (typically 3rd grade and up) would like to do a shadow visit. This is an opportunity for the applicant to “shadow” with a current student host. The shadow visit can be a half or full day. Shadow visits are not required for students younger than 6th grade.

Step Five: Teacher Meeting (ages 5 and up)

When all the forms have been received, the Admissions Office will contact parent/guardian to schedule a teacher meeting with a Center School staff member. Teacher meetings are a 1:1 opportunity for a staff member to get to know an applicant. They take place after school or during a student’s shadow visit (if applicable.)

Step Six: Admissions Committee

Once the first five steps are completed, the Admissions Committee meets to make a decision. The priority consideration deadline for new applicants is February 1st.  The Center School sends acceptance letters out on or around March 1st and then on a rolling basis beyond March 1st.

Note: If a family would like to apply for financial assistance, the application  should be submitted at the same time as the other forms. Please note that financial aid status is not part of the Admissions Committee’s decision-making.

Admissions Forms & Documents
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